Student Visa Processing

Dear students, distinguished students

After Greetings,

Referring to the previous circulars issued by the cultural attaché on the student visa, we would like to emphasize some important points that should be observed to prevent abuses in the regulations in force in Malaysia, as follows:

1. Students must enter Malaysia on a valid student visa.

2. All students must apply for renewal of their visa at least 3 months prior to the completion of the visa.

3. Before traveling to Oman, students must check with the visa department at the university to ensure that they can return without any visa problems.

4. Before you travel to Oman for a vacation or undergo a training program, please make sure that the visa is valid and will not expire during your stay in Oman.

5. If a student’s visa expires while in Oman, he or she must communicate with the University’s visa department and the Cultural Attaché to ensure that they can return to Malaysia and not have problems at Kuala Lumpur International Airport during Malaysia’s entry.

Based on the above, the mission emphasizes that students should abide by the laws and regulations of the Malaysian government.

We wish you success and success.