Notice for نظام أساس

Dear students, distinguished students

After Greetings,

As you know, the Ministry of Higher Education in the Sultanate of Oman is making great efforts to ensure the documentation and standardization of electronic services in a basic system that protects the rights of all.

It is therefore necessary to know:

* Stop receiving applications in any form for students as of 15/12/2017 unless they have electronic files.

* All requests for postponement / extension / ticketing / dues and other applications are submitted electronically by the student and the attachment or cultural departments attach to this application in accordance with the established procedures and then documented in the student file with a basic system.

* In the case of incomplete files, will be suspended financial allocations for students as of 15/12/2017.

* The student can access his electronic file through the Ministry’s website, by clicking on the link:

If you encounter any problems when opening the file, please contact the concerned department by e-mail:

We wish you success and success.