Health Insurance



Important information about health insurance

The Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Malaysia is pleased to announce to its students that the previous insurance AXA has been changed to RHB. The Cultural Attaché Office would like to clarify some of the points that should be taken into account in ensuring that students use the insurance card correctly:


First: Outpatient / Outpatient Clinics:

  • The patient should visit the clinic first (not the hospital).
  • The clinic has to be registered with the RHB insurance company panel list, so that the students avoid paying for the clinic and file a claim from to RHB insurance company. (Appendix 1 List of clinics registered with RHB)
  • Only the physician at the medical clinic (GP) determines whether the condition of the patient must be transferred to the hospital or treated in the clinic.
  • If a patient needs to be referred to a specialist physician, he or she must obtain a referral letter from the GP in the clinic, and then visit the specialist doctor at the hospital. (Appendix 2 list of hospitals registered under the insurance company). Upon arrival at the hospital, the patient must apply for GL from the insurance company by the hospital.



– To avoid payment when visiting the general physician(GP, you should visit a medical clinic registered under the insurance company.

– To avoid payment when visiting the specialist doctor, patient must have a referral letter from the general physician (GP) to the specialist doctor, and that the hospital in which the specialist is registered with the insurance company.

-The Cultural Attaché advises the patient’s  after receiving the referral letter from the (GP), to contact the insurance company number behind the insurance card and to request  a guarantee letter (GL) to the hospital  from the insurance company to be send to the hospital, and to a copy to the patient’s email as well.


Second: The treatment covered by insurance when visiting the GP or the specialist doctor (SP):

  1. Medical consultation.
  2. Medication
  3. Injection
  4. Laboratory and x-ray analysis.
  5. Surgery procedures.
  6. Dental treatment (non-cosmetic treatment): The cost of dental treatment is only RM 1000 Malaysian ringgit, provided that the treatment of the condition of the emergency treatment and not cosmetic, as well as the student must pay and then File a claim to RHB insurance for compensation of the treatment.


Third: How to file a claim for the treatment that the patient paid:

If the patient visits a public clinic or specialist doctor who is not registered under RHB, he / she must pay to the clinic and hospital first, and then file a claim to RHB insurance company as follow:

– Fill the claim form for compensation from the insurance company (Appendix 3).
– You must make separate form for each invoice.
– The original invoice must be attached with each claim form.
– The original payment receipt must be attached with each claim form.
-The referral letter must be attached if you visit a specialist.
– You must attach the RHB E-Payment form (Appendix 4) and the first page of your bank statement to ensure that the student’s name and account number are the same on the electronic payment form filled out by you.

– Send the claim form to insurance company with the original invoice and the transfer letter (if you visit a specialist doctor) to the registered mail of the insurance company at the following address:


Level 12, West Wing, The Icon,

No.1, Jalan 1/68F, Jalan Tun Razak,

55000 Kuala Lumpur.


Instructions and guidance on claims:

– The claim form must be filled out with the requested data in English only and in clear and legible handwriting.
– Make sure to keep a copy of both the claim form and the invoice, so that you and the Cultural Attaché can follow up with the insurance company.
– The insurance company should compensate the student if all his documents are completed within 14-21 working days. If the company does not compensate you in the specified period, please notify the Cultural Attaché via e-mail .please attaché a copy of the claim form and the invoices.



Fourth: Treatment of emergency cases and In-patient:

In cases of emergency (such as accidents, breakage, fire), the patient can go directly to the hospital and follow the following:


Please click here for a list of hospitals.


– The patient, one of his escorts or a hospital staff member should contact the customer service number shown on the back of the insurance card and request a guarantee letter (GL).
– The insurance company will send a guarantee letter GL to the hospital by fax to show that it will cover the amounts of treatment, this to exempt the patient from the deposit amount requested by most hospitals upon admission.


Fifth: The treatment covered by insurance in cases of emergency and In Patient:


Important notes on follow-up treatment after discharge:

– The insurance company will continue to cover the cost of treatment for 31 days after discharge from the hospital.
– The patient must pay the follow up treatment bills and then file a claim to the insurance company (by following the steps of claims mentioned above in third section).
– The student will be compensated by the insurance company within 14-21 working days from the date of receiving the claims.

Please click here to apply for compensation.


Sixth: The importance and confidentiality of the insurance card:

– You must take care of the insurance card since it contains your personal information.
– Do not give your insurance card to any person to use it or to pretend to be the cardholder, this conduct is illegal by Malaysian law.


Seventh: What you should do if you lose your insurance card:

– If your insurance card is lost, you must immediately notify the Cultural attaché office to and you need to mention your name in English as stated in your passport and your passport number.


Your insurance company will issue you a replacement card within 14 working days.