Qualifications Equivalency and Recognition



There are procedures that must performed by the graduate to authenticate academic qualifications and equivalence. All of these procedures done electronically via an electronic system (ASAS) of MOHE Oman, as these electronic procedures avoid the graduate from going to any Malaysian party and paying money to authenticate his qualifications. The following explanation will illustrates these procedures:


First: Educational Qualifications Authentication

When the student completed his program, the student must follow the following procedures:

  • Contact the cultural attaché office email info@om-cao.com to request to update his / her academic status as graduated student on MOHE Oman’s system (ASAS) with the need to attach the following documents, to enable him / her later to send an electronic request for authentication:
    1. Completion Letter.
    2. Graduation Certificate (If any).
    3. Final Academic Transcript.
    4. Study Visas.
    5. Passport Information Page.
  • After updating the status of the student to a graduate, he must send an electronic authenticity request via the electronic system of MOHE Oman (ASAS) via the below link with the need to upload the following documents:


  1. Copy of the passport.
  2. Copy of the previous student certificates.
  3. Copy of the Final Academic Transcript.
  4. Completion Letter.
  5. Graduation Certificate (If any).
  6. Study Visas.


After that cultural attaché will take the following procedures:

  • Inquire about the authenticity of the certificate from the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia.
  • The CAO will wait for the response of the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia, which takes 3-4 working weeks.
  • Once the CAO will be receiving the MOHE Malaysia approval regarding the authenticity of the student’s certificate, the CAO will approve the electronic authenticity request has been sent by the student via the electronic system of MOHE Oman (ASAS) in order to redirect the request to the qualification equivalency department at MOHE Oman to complete the equivalence of the academic qualification and provide the graduate with an official statement by the concerned department.


Second: Educational Equivalency of Qualifications

The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation- Oman represented by the Department of Equation and Recognition issues the equation. For more information, please visit the website of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation- Oman through the following link to know the files and procedures required for graduates to equivalence their educational qualification: