Procedure for Study in Malaysia

First: Obtaining Approval of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation- Oman

Any student wish to study outside the Sultanate of Oman, regardless of whether studying at his/her own expense or sponsored or study leave, is required to obtain the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MOHE Oman) by submitting an electronic request in the following link for further study through the Ministry’s website. The purpose is to obtain the approval in the study of a specific programme in a specific higher education institution (Diploma + Bachelor + Master + PhD) in higher education institutions outside Oman.


Second: The Mechanism of Applying for an Admission in Malaysian Institutions and the Required Documents

A): The Mechanism of Applying for an Admission in Malaysian Institutions:

1- Applying in Malaysian institution to obtain official offer is done exclusively through the electronic website of the institution itself, and that is started by creating an electronic account by the applicant. Then, he/she will be provided with a username and password by the institution website in which the application will be submitted and attach all the required documents for offer letter, It is necessary to transfer/deposit the application fees directly to the institution bank account.

2- The Malaysian institution that the student wishes to join must be a recognized university by MOHE Oman for study. In addition, the specialization/programme must be fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Right after student has obtained the offer letter and before starting study, he/she must obtain the approval of MOHE Oman by sending an electronic application through the e-system of MOHE of the Sultanate of Oman (ASAS), regardless of their his/her sponsored or non-sponsored. through the following link:


3- After obtaining approval of MOHE Oman to study in Malaysia, the student is required to obtain a No-Objection Letter (NOL) from the Cultural Attache Office (CAO) in Kuala Lumpur by sending a request email to the following email address providing copies of offer letter and current passport taking note that the NOL letter would be issued ONLY if the student already obtained approval from MOHE Oman:


CAO would like to remind students that the visa should be applied as One-Off Student Pass for the whole duration of the programme after obtaining the above-mentioned approvals.


4- The mode offer and study at the Bachelor / master / PhD level in all the Malaysian public and private institutions is Full Time for foreign students. Any foreign student is provided with offer letter mentioned in it clearly that the mode of study is full time not part time according to Malaysian Immigration rules which impose students to be registered as full time student, and to obtain a student pass for the whole duration of programme period.


B) Required Documents for Admission in Malaysian Universities:

1- Copy of the secondary school certificate or the higher education diploma for applying for (bachelor’s degree), the bachelor’s degree certificate (for applying for master’s degree), the master’s degree certificate (for applying for PhD), and the transcript in both Arabic and English certified by MOHE Oman, the consulate office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oman, and the Embassy of Malaysia in Muscat.

2. A copy of the IELTS or TOFEL Proficiency certificate which does not exceed one year validity and that the score is not less than 5.5 IELTS or 550 TOEFL. If none of these certificates are available, student will have to sit for English Placement Test provided by the University which supposed to issue a conditional admission for the student in condition to fulfill the English requirement set by the university before joining his/her programme. (Note: The IELTS or TOFEL requirements are subject to the university itself. Some universities require 6.0, 6.5 or 7.0 in IELTS, but the minimum required by most universities is 5.5.

3. A bank statement from student or his guardian for a period of (3) months or guarantee of financial support.

4- A copy of the student’s passport (all pages), and recommended the validity duration of passport shall be no less than the duration of the programme that the student wishes to study.

5- Two referees’ details who must be previous supervisor, or academic advisor, or current employer  (for master and PhD application).

6 – Passport size photograph with WHITE background (5cm x 5cm) with the condition that the face features look clear, recommended without spectacles coloured lenses.

7 – Complete research proposal with references (for master and PhD by research application).

8- A copy of the curriculum vitae in English and letters of experience (for master and PhD application).


The time frame obtaining admission to universities in Malaysia takes between one and a half months to two months from the date of submitting all required documents.


Important Note on the Medical Examination: 

Please note the need for a preliminary medical examination in Oman, including the examination of the Hepatitis B. The Malaysian Immigration does not allow any foreign student to study in any Malaysian university if he/she is diagnosed with the disease.


List of Diseases Banned to study in Malaysia